Logistics Concept

Options and advantages
Together with our customers we define a logistical overall concept, tailored to the component or the assembly and finishing. Packaging, corrosion protection, cleanliness issues and delivery method are individually designed and implemented. In practice, our packages meet product-specific safety requirements against damage, providing long-term corrosion protection of surfaces and compliance with required purity claims for components and systems. Simple handling and minimal consumption of packaging materials simultaneously reduce costs and environmental impact. Up-to-date delivery methods round off the added-value package.

In the field of packaging and logistics requirements, the MS Powertrain Technology Group is prepared for two essential requirements. We reliably fulfill the requirements of existing customer's packaging manuals. In addition, we are also in a position to create our own logistics manuals. Here, in dialogue with the customer, we develop a simply structured, easy to understand and practical guide. This includes instructions for optimum packaging design, content quantity per packaging material, correct and complete marking, and standardized dimensions for containers, cardboard boxes and charge carriers. Overall, the Packaging/Logistics Manual greatly facilitates collaboration between customers and the MS Powertrain Technology Group - for trouble-free material flow without any unnecessary repackaging.


Reusable packaging
In terms of sustainability, we attach great importance to the environmentally sound re-use of packaging materials. In addition to standardized load carriers, we develop product-specific returnable containers for optimal transportation.

Disposable packaging
In special cases, environmental and economic aspects require that disposable packaging be used. The ideal application areas here are long delivery paths or the supply of samples, prototypes and small quantities. Special packaging requirements can also sometimes necessitate the use of disposable packaging.

Corrosion protection
Absolute corrosion resistance cannot be guaranteed with today's technical possibilities. However, specific protection measures help to reduce the rate and amount of corrosion to such an extent that damage to the component is avoided during its entire operational lifetime. Depending on the material, the supply routes and the storage period, we select the appropriate corrosion protection for your device.

Transportation and packaging are always coordinated at the MS Powertrain Technology Group with customer-specific requirements regarding cleanliness. Field tests and in-depth analyses provide the necessary security.


Just-in-time delivery is a logistical retrieval and delivery process. Materials are transferred from a supplier to the customer's production only when actually needed. In some cases, the component is even produced specifically for supply - particularly where high-priced products are involved. In the automobile and aircraft sector, JIT has meanwhile become the industry standard. Assembly lines are supplied according to demand with large and highly varied components and subassemblies. Within the framework of JIT, suppliers are contractually obliged to deliver within a certain lead time –elaborate storage at the customer can therefore be omitted.

Going a step further than JIT is JIS supply: 'just in sequence.' Here, the required component is ordered in the precise sequence for final assembly and delivery. This requires timely and accurate planning, as well as strict compliance with the assembly processes. For its customers, MS also implements this sophisticated logistics concept – securely and reliably.

Consignment warehouses
Consignment warehouses provide customers with maximum security of supply. On customer request, the MS Powertrain Technology Group can set up these storage facilities in close proximity to the customer's premises. The Products required – already quality tested – can be requested and delivered at any time.

Kanban delivery
Kanban is a method of production control, based solely on actual material consumption. Local stocks of precursor products, located in and close to production for installation during the next stage of integration, can be considerably reduced. The goal of Kanban is to control the value chain consistently at optimum cost. Withdrawals from the respective buffer store and corresponding follow-up deliveries take place asynchronously. Due to targeted distribution of buffer storage in production along the integration chain, a great deal can be accomplished through simple means.


Unlike many other development service providers, we are certified according to DIN ISO/TS 16949, DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 50001. This demonstrates a high degree of structure, data security, documentation transparency, and development transparency.


Since almost all our workstations are equipped with web meeting software and conference phones, an exchange in teams is also possible. Our ultra-modern meeting rooms enable integration of not only an audio but also a video conference system. This advanced equipment is the best way to guarantee the information flow.